A marvelous creation

An understatement even calling it marvelous

Calling the internet a marvelous invention is perhaps an understatement. It is perhaps not just a revolution but an evolution in the life of man. It has taken mankind to a new era that would seem like a distant, hard to imagine, future only a few years back. Who would have thought a few years back that it would be possible to look at people who are thousands of miles away from us as if they are right in front of us and talking to them possible on tiny hand held gadgets the size of our palm?

The internet has spread so much and has become such an integral part of human existence that it is now almost impossible to imagine our life without it. The internet has become part of the identity of the modern man and is what characterizes the present era that we live in today. Starting from staying in touch with friends to little things like getting groceries from the store can now all be done with the click of a few buttons and we never even have to leave our homes to do it. With the modern day applications, or apps, it is now possible to get anything and everything not just to our doorsteps but to our living room couch.

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