About Orangutan

The dense rainforests of Borneo Indonesia are disappearing at an alarming speed. From the late 80’s and early 90’s all the resources farmed in the Borneo forests went into the United States and Japan. Now, as more and more nations become industrialized, for example China, the demand for funds has exploded. Places such as the rainforests of Borneo are suffering the results.

Experts believe that in the present speed, just 32.6 percent of those Borneo’s rainforests will stay by the year 2020. Because it’s currently, more than half of Borneo’s rainforest has disappeared since 1980. Ten years ago, that the rainforests were utilized for their wood, although still being used for wood, palm oil is now the most wanted agricultural commodity farmed in the forest’s of Southeast Asia. Malaysia and Indonesia, in which the Borneo rainforests can be found, are the biggest exporters of palm oil.

Due to the deforesting happening in Borneo, there are approximately 21 critically threatened animal species and even over 150 animal species which are classified as endangered. Orangutan is just found from the Borneo rainforests. After their rainforest disappears, so do they. Though this article is all about the Orangutan, the fact is that there are a lot of different creatures that will disappear with all the rainforests also, like the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhino, Asian Elephants and many others.
People don’t understand how important our world’s rainforests are. Tropical rainforests are home to more than 70 percent of the worlds plant and animal species. Rainforest’s help control and moderate our worlds climate. The rainforests play a massive part in measuring atmospheric carbon for oxygen. Destroying the rainforests aren’t only bad for the plants and creatures living there, it’s bad for the whole world.

Orangutan is your Malaysia term for “man of the jungle.” Orangutans can live around 50 years in the wild, more in captivity. Under optimum conditions a female is only going to bear in the slightest, 4 offspring in her entire life. Orangutans typically invest their lives living in the trees of the rainforest. They are proficient at moving from tree to tree and may travel fantastic distances without ever touching the floor.