Advantages of Colocation Hosting

If you are a small business which needs all of the benefits of a large IT department with no associated costs of conducting one on site, colocation may be the hosting choice you’re searching for. Lots of large businesses invest tens of thousands of pounds in establishing the infrastructure to host their own servers for sites, databases and other applications, together with big groups of IT professionals to successfully handle those servers from daily. A small business is frequently not able to finance this type of department, however there are different alternatives out there on the marketplace from simple shared or dedicated hosting to complete colocation hosting.

Colocation averts the need to get your own data centers and their related infrastructure and costs by letting you find your server in somebody else’s rack inside their data centre and discuss their own bandwidth like it had been your own. This is obviously more costly than conventional server hosting however is generally considerably cheaper than the price of getting a dedicated online line assembled to your offices. When the server is installed (some colo businesses supply IT managed services to perform this for you also) it’s physically transferred to the colocation provider and installed within their own rack. Some companies also permit you to rent servers from them to store on this extra measure. Even the colocation provider then gets your server up and running and you’re ready to get it just as you would when it had been using a regular hosting provider.

Colocation Benefits

Colocation’s biggest advantage is its own price to bandwidth ratio. A limited business grade DSL connection may well cost 200 or more but for the exact same or much less a server may be collocated into a facility which has considerably higher connection rates and enhanced redundancy to aid with business continuity planning. If you’re searching for a T1 line or comparable high speed link then colocation savings are inclined to drastically increase.