Belt Drive Garage door Opener – The Ultimate

When it comes in choosing the best garage door openers. It is a baffling experience when you have number of model and brands. Some of the most popular garage door openers that are debated much among the customers are chain drive unit and belt drive unit. The third choice may be screwdriver. All have their own advantages and disadvantages but alas one becomes a preferred choice with its efficiency and features that is the best belt drive garage door opener.

How does the belt drive works

Many homeowners are hesitant to buy belt drive opener considering it as strong chain and quite unfriendly to handle but it works actually on steel belt which is more like a tire with flexible steel cords woven into the belt. It comes with different horse powers so eventually you can choose the unit that matches your need like the medium door or heavier door whatever it is. Hence, best belt Drive Garage door Opener is highly durable and remains for lifetime with your home. It has smooth running and doesn’t have any jumps or jerks of the belt. Perfect for rooms attached to the garages that needs noise free.

Belt Drive Vs Chain drive

The drive mechanism is a major factor in raising or lowering the garage doors. With chain drive, you will have a louder noise because of the usage of chain whereas the belt driven units operate on a minimal noise. Furthermore, in a belt driven system, lifting of the medium sized doors are fairly faster when compared to the chain drive.
Final Conclusions

Belt drive units are Cadillac of the openers because of its smooth and quietest performance. The best belt Drive Garage door Opener are significantly advantageous than their competitors in terms of strength, speed and maintenance. But it’s all a matter of personal preference!