Best Smoker Overview

The Bradley Smoker is a streamlined electric smoker which is user friendly and good for the novice or professional smoker. The best electric smoker is available in five distinct versions to accommodate different smoking requirements and applications.
The Bradley Electric Smoker uses exceptional wood bisquettes which are available in a number of unique flavors like apple, hickory, mesquite, cherry and also the all new Jim Beam to name a couple. These flavor bisquettes are available in 12, 48 and 120 packs. Every version of this Bradley Smoker includes a smoke generator attached. To start smoking you simply load the smoke generator together with the desirable amount of bisquettes. Every bisquette burns for 20 minutes and can be automatically fed through the smoke generator making a sterile constant smoke. This is only one of the crucial qualities to the Bradley Smoker since it removes the necessity to tend to a smoker daily as your meals slowly cooks. Some worry that utilizing the Bradley Bisquettes can be costly but the price is only around $1.00 per hour. This is all about what smoking using conventional wood chunks would price. The Bradley Bisquettes may also be used in your own grill.

The Original Bradley Smoker model measures 30″ H x 24″ W x 14″ D. The interior of this smoker is constructed of aluminum to prevent rust and corrosion. The outside is a black powder coated epoxy steel. The powder coating makes sure that the exterior of your smoker will continue through years of usage without fading or peeling. This unit includes a sliding temperature controller which is used to control the cooking temperature of the smoker. The Original best electric smoker version is also available in Stainless Steel.
One of the newest additions to this Bradley Line of smokers would be that the 4 Rack and 6 Rack digital versions. These digital versions comprise all of the wonderful features of the First with the accession of digital technologies. Together with the digital versions you’re now able to control the precise temperature that you would like to smoke at and for a long time. The four stand digital steps 33.6″ H x 20.4″ W and 17.9″ D. The 6 rack version measures 42″ H x 20.4″ W x 17.9″ D. Both versions have a polished stainless steel interior and a powder coated epoxy steel outside. The Original and Digital versions all include a 500W heating element. This may be controlled to a maximum temperature of 320 levels. Also included with every unit are 4 adjustable nickel plated racks which measure 11″ x 15″, drip jar, drip tray, bottom menu, recipe booklet and user manual. All smokers include a one year manufacturer guarantee.