Best way to germinate cannabis seeds Outdoors

You can germinate these cannabis Dinafem seeds indoor or outdoor. If you do it indoor you will get more control over many factors that may affect negatively on the whole process. Rather if not then the best is to germinate those seeds outdoor only.

Anyhow you have to wait till nice weather to come in. Get a high temperature of 22 to 26 degree is important for the seeds to decide whether they emerge in this world or not.
1. Protect the seeds from climate factors
You never know what outdoor the mother nature is kept for all, same is the way in the case of seeds good weather with sun is required. There can be thunderstorm or low temperature on the day of sprout. Also that variety of birds, fauna and lot more that may feel delight in eating those tender marijuana seeds. As plants cannot themselves from all these dangers, human has to take care of them to keep safe. Buy a mini greenhouse to germinate or use plastic and put holes for ventilation.
2. Choose quality material
buy dinafem seeds of top quality available in the market today, specifically they are designed for germination which is not expensive.
1. Germination Greenhouse
2. Electric Blanker: if your place is cold area the right solution for stimulating germination is placing an electric blanket under the greenhouse to give adequate temperature.
3. Follow correct method
Once the seed is expanded, thorough wetting is necessary. Insert the seeds in jiffy central hole with tip pointing upwards. Marijuana plants are not sown too deep otherwise its root travels more. It emerges from the point part and penetrate into soil once get secured the head can see from where cotyledons are grown.