Dispense As Many Candy As You Want By Making Your Own DIY Gumball Machine

A diy candy dispenser machine is often rare to be found and if one is obtained, seller make sure to put a good price tag on it. As an alternative, Wengie is going to make a tutorial on a DIY gumball machine so that you don’t have to spend countless hours find one and waste your money in something that is not worthwhile. The DIY machine only needs a few household items. Mainly a jar of any size, a cylindrical jar would work best with the semblance of a real dispenser machine. A hot glue, a small bottle cap, a large piece of cardboard for later cutting, a skewer and an exacto knife. If you want to increase the aesthetics of the machine- a masking tape and a spray paint is highly optional.

So you would want to first construct and cut the most basic template given on her video out of the cardboard. Now depending on the size of your jar, it’s a good idea that you scale the template to am appropriate size. The diameter of the jar that Wengie is using is the 8.5 cm which is used a central measurement in the template. You will be left with 3 pieces of cardboard. Now cut the two smaller inline rectangular shape on the cardboard, make sure you do this with fine detail because they will be the core mechanism of your gumball machine.

Insert the skewer into the side of the cardboard and hold it in place by using a hot glue and cut both ends of the skewer. Then,Wengieglued a bottle cap at one end of the skewer and place a spring at the other end. Fold the larger price of cardboard into three panels and glue them around the jar. Poke a hole just beneath the jar stack the two smaller pieces of cardboard and glue them below the jar. And just like that you have a DIY Candy Dispenser Machine all to yourself.