Enjoy with the best electronic repair shop

Many applications are very useful, but sometimes we do not have all of them in the same application, which is why MGR (My Gadgets Repair) has achieved integration with some third-party applications and tools, thus making MGR one of The most complete Repair Workshop Management Software on the market. If you have a Computer Repair Shop you can control all the repairs that are made in that store, of course with the computer repair store software and complement with third-party applications that are useful for your store. Let’s review some of those applications:

• Google Calendar: your appointments can be synchronized and never forgotten.
• Toggl: with this application will track the time spent.
• Repair tracking widget: your customers can verify in real time the status of their repairs.
• Paypal: all your payments from a single account, so your customers will feel more secure.
• Quickbooks: with this application, you will keep your accounting synchronized.
• Marketing Campaigns: sending messages automatically will help you get new customers to your Repair Shop.

And so there are many more applications that you can integrate into your MGR system.
If you acquire our MGR System in its free version for your Electronic Repair Shop and want to add more stores because it has grown in a short time, we offer you 3 options to change the version: Regular, Company and Premium, any of the 3 receive monthly or annual payments, the latter has additional discounts.

For your small engine repair shop, the MGR system can help you create your website in simple, easy, fast steps and can be adapted to any device in a few minutes. Not only will you manage your entire workshop, but you will have help to create a web page, which will put you online and that will make your repairs increase rapidly, without having to hire a specialist programmer to create it. The increase of its customers is unstoppable.