Extract of Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and Green Tea for pharmaceutical use

The extract of the leaves of Ginkgo Biloba and green tea has been used by the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Due to its content of flavonoid glycosides and terpenoids, its properties are mainly used to enhance memory, improve concentration and neutralize conditions linked to balance, such as vertigo.

Likewise, in the human body, Ginkgo Biloba improves circulation, blood and organ tissue, while protecting the damage or oxidation of cells that are responsible for the production of platelets and prevent blood clotting. All this accompanied by the benefits that are added, and that includes the protection of cardiovascular, respiratory and neuronal kidney diseases.
With all this compendium of benefits, the extract of Ginkgo Biloba could not be wasted a second more and, due to this, is that the medicine industry VibCare presented to the market its MutiVib 4G, some capsules based on this plant, mixed with other products such as Ginseng, green tea, and grapes, to help treat the diseases and conditions mentioned above.
The mixture of all these ingredients, through chemical synthesis, helps restore memory in those people who, by age, begin to suffer from Alzheimer’s Syndrome. It also improves cognitive function in children and young people, for whom MultiVib Kids has created. For the loss of vision, glaucoma, vertigo, and dizziness, the MultiVib is being recommended by natural medicine.
Recently, it was also discovered that among its indications and uses are also treatments for cancer, cholesterol reduction, the formation of hemoglobin and bone tissues, allergies and heartburn.
Doctors recommend taking this medication once a day, in the only pre-established dose, because although Ginkgo Biloba is not a greater risk, the mixture of all its components in high posologies causes breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness, hemorrhages and gastrointestinal problems. For this reason, the use of the MultiVib must be authorized and supervised by medical faculty or a specialist in natural medicine.