Foods to Lower A1C helps to control Sugar

The Food to lower A1C helps you to maintain a proper health and your body space. Basically A1C level is the percentage of your red cell that contains sugar molecules attached to them. It is also known as glycated hemoglobin A1C and HbA1C. Doctors measure your A1C number by conducting a blood test that will help to determine the average level of blood sugar in your body over every two months. So the normal A1C falls between 4 and 6 percent. So if you have to say type 1 or type 2 diabetes you should try to keep the A1C number below 7 percent. Eating at the right time the right food can help you to do so.

What is A1C?
Akaike information Criterion A1C is founded on information theory which offers a relative estimate. It also measure the relative quality of statistical models for a given set of data. It deals with the trade between the goodness of fit and complexity of the model. It does provide the test on the null hypothesis.
Diet chart for lower A1C
Suppose if you are a patient of diabetes, and have high A1C levels just remember the most important thing that is what you are eating and whatever you have should a contain a good amount of nutrition, proteins and help you control your sugar level. The most important thing you want to avoid high blood sugar. Sweets and the food that contain high sugar in it that is rice, potatoes, etc. are the most dangerous things for your body as your body absorbs sugar from this instantly. So the preferred food to lower A1C is –
This food to lower A1C diet chart helps you to maintain your sugar it has excellent sources of protein zinc.