Football is the game for all the people

When you talk of good memories you tend to go back into time when you were a child and could happily ignore the worldly care and indulge in your favorite hobbies like eating hand-made pies or just watching cartoons or just playing football with your friends. Football is one sport that has memories for everyone. Both boys and girls can play football and most of the children play this game without bias. This is what bundesliga football is about. You can play it anywhere with anyone at any time and in any season.

The evolution of the game
fussball (Soccer) was however not always the same. Earlier during its arrival in England in the sixth century AD this game was considered to be that of the farmers and illiterate people. The elite and the highly educated would not even look at it. But in a matter of two centuries time this game found its way to the elite schools and the students there became crazy for it. The nobles of England tried to ban it but it was of no use. Slowly the fever of football gripped the majority of people and the acceptance grew at a faster pace. It was in the later half of 18th century that the rules and regulations regarding playing of football were formulated. It was only after this formulation of rules that it took the shape of organized sport.

The fans make it hit
The sport of football has become a great deal for most of the fans and they are extremely attached to their favorite teams. The hard core fans are the reason that football is flourishing so much. This sport has brought all the people of different age groups, religion, origin etc. together. The leagues such as fussballbundesliga are responsible for the great heights that football has achieved.