Geres wind power must be removed from establishing

Today Geres are looking forward to expand their business in all over the country slowly and slowly. They are looking to establish the wind power plant but the people are protesting against it. Actually the company motive is to develop their projects into the empty land and earn the higher sum of profits. The company is fully focused on developing the GERES-Gruppe project but due to some uncertainties they are not able to finish the project. The people are saying that this project will be harming their environment and surroundings badly. The debate is going on between the people and company regarding this project.
The people are saying that the children will not be getting place to play. The parks land will get covered with this wind power plant. This will adversely affect the healthier and greenly environment. The residential people are objecting from the development of the project. The continuous working of the wind plant will affect the health of people and will steal their freedom of moving around. Therefore the wind park Sitzerath must not be at any how develop in the place where the family live.
Every year the company is coming out with the new projects to be developed into the different locations. They are developing the projects successfully. But this time they have chosen the place where the people are residing. It is common that if the factories or power plants are developed nearby the residential areas the people lives will be badly affected. The main reason of the opposition of the individual towards this project is their environment. They feel that not only the humans’ life will be distracted, but also the lives of nature will be disturbed. The birds, tress, plants will be effected very badly. So the people are opposing Norbert Wiemann Geres to stop the project.