Give maximum performance to your air conditioner with the r-20 refrigerant, the only one that offers many advantages.

To achieve a truly comfortable environment at home or in the office, it is necessary to have the right temperature. If we live in a warm place we need a good air conditioning, but if we live in a city with a cold climate, it is essential to have a good heating system.

Next, we will explain the importance of the refrigerant for the proper functioning of the air conditioning. This component, known as r20, goes from liquid to gaseous, constantly, and transforms the air from hot to cold in which HVAC system (ventilation, heating, and air conditioning).
Over time, different types of liquids have been invented to fulfill this objective of maintaining the spaces set. The most commonly used were ammonia and a class of chloroform.
The first was distinguished by the abbreviations R-717 and the second; its representation was r-20. One of its main derivatives is freon, chlorodifluoromethane or R-22. Currently, the most used is the tdx 20. This compound, also called bluon energy, is the safest for humans and the environment.
From the 19th century, this race towards refrigeration began, obtaining wonderful results with the creation of air conditioning consoles for home and office environments, in hot environments.
The bluon is one of the most effective and least harmful refrigerants for the ecosystem. Ammonia is not very safe and is used in skating rinks and in the past it was used for automobiles.
From the modification of R-20 in chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), a new stage in refrigeration is born. It is not only used as a refrigerant but as a solvent, excellent propellant and to extinguish fires.
After several experiments, Tdx-20 was created, which is more efficient and protects the environment. It is composed of 5 elements, which allow the refrigerant to spread over a wider surface than the others. It can be replaced in the refrigeration unit, without causing damage or excessive costs, if you are interested in the advantages offered by this new refrigerant, for your equipment at home or in the office, visit