How to Use a Joint Roller – Simple 6 Step Process for Rolling Joints

Just as we’d like to envision ourselves as masters of our craft, rolling joints can be rough. I have had more than one fall apart on me only minutes before shooting a hit — trust me, there is nothing more disappointing.

To be true, there is a much easier way which will pretty much guarantee you getting the perfect joint every time — with a manual vs automatic joint roller. They are cheap, they are powerful and they work very well.

I will not lie, they look odd. First time that I saw one that I was super confused as to the way they work. Not to fret however, I have since figured out it and I am here to exude my sage wisdom to you — the future of this joint rolling community. It is really not that difficult either. When you figure it out you’re going to be rolling perfect joints for days.

Which Joint Roller Works the Best?
You will find a lot of unique machines used to roll joints — a number of them are really expensive also. For the purposes of the tutorial I will use a standard RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine. It is just about $5 and also functions really well. Yea, you can find far better choices on the market but unless you are thinking about manual vs automatic joint roller for rolling a lot of joints or smokes, I would suggest you just go with this one. It is going to spend less and do you nicely.
The Way to Use a Joint Roller
Below is a quick step process that’ll get you rolling flawless joints immediately. To begin with, let us take a peek at what we’ll want.
What You Will Need
• RAW Cigarette Roller (or the roller of your own choice)
• Pot (no shit…).
• Pot Grinder
• Filters
• Rolling Paper