Interesting Facts about Skype

Skype has many interesting stories and facts which are hard to believe. Everybody loves trivia and here are some really cool tidbits about Skype for you

• Skype has developed almost 15 years back at a time where mail was still considered as the best form of communication.

• Skype did not gain widespread acceptability in the very initial stages. The primary reason has got to do with the network capacity and speed which pretty much decides the performance of skype calls.

• Luxembourg is where the headquarters of Skype is located. When we hear about Skype it is pretty easy to assume that it is an American company. In reality, it is a homegrown product from Europe with contributors mainly from Denmark and Sweden. This surely must be hard to believe for most of the people, considering the fact that US pretty much dominates the software industry single handedly.

• Have you ever imagined that eBay, the most popular e-commerce platform has acquired Skype a decade back. Now it got again acquired and is pretty much an integral part of Microsoft. They bought it for a mind blowing 8.5 billion dollars. This by far is one of the biggest acquisitions at that point of time.

• Skype is used for three different purpose. As a total informal tool to chat and talk using audio and video calls. It is used as a business application and “Skype for Business” is meant to get it close to Cisco Webex. The last primary usage of Skype is to call the landline and mobile numbers directly with Skype credit.

Since Skype is from the house of Europe, it is pretty obvious that it has gained high acceptance in European countries. Poland market is almost single handedly occupied by Skype. When you look at the trends of Skype related Polish keywords like skype pobierz, skype download (skype do pobrania) and skype dobre programy you could see that their competitor tools are not even close when it comes to Polish market.