Introduction To Bikini Body Guide By Kayla Itsines

In case you follow me on SnapChat, you might have seen me chat a lot about BBG. It stands for the BBG Program, created by Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines if you have never heard of BBG. This guide was found by me stumbling upon the many #BBGTransformations, and while scrolling through the black hole that’s Instagram. Only search that hashtag and you’re certain to get thousands upon tens of thousands of transformations that are inspirational across the world utilizing the Bikini Body Guide from real girls! In the event you are not inspired or motivated to begin using BBG after seeing the unbelievable transformations, I do not actually understand what else to tell you… but if YOU’RE interested in learning more, I am discussing a little more information and my encounter with it thus far below!
The idea behind BBG is coupling resistance/strength training workouts with High Intensity times (HIIT — High Intensity Interval Training) and Low Intensity Steady States (LISS) throughout the week. It is a standard practice in the event you have ever worked using a fitness expert before. What is impressive about BBG yet is that you are able to do the workouts without needing a health club membership at home and in a portion of the price of purchasing courses or dealing using a trainer! While it is possible to undoubtedly do these workouts without real fitness center gear(or in the fitness center should you happen to truly have a membership), I went ahead and purchased some cheap gear on Amazon to make a miniature home gym within my garage, like a yoga mat, jump rope, free weights and a bench.
While lots of people elect to download and pay the $18/month for the BBG Program of Kayla, I simply purchased her guidebook online to download and print out. For 12 weeks of workouts(plus four weeks of pre-training!), it just cost me $50 USD, and that I want to replicate the 12 week program several times before buying her second guide for the next 12 weeks of training(that I hear is considerably more challenging). I

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