Laser quit smoking for smoking cessation

The nicotine addiction produced by regular smoking can be difficult to subdue. Nicotine helps to release the endorphins in the body which result in feeling calm and relaxed. There are various methods which are used to get rid of smoking addiction uses nicotine to help one overcome the nicotine addiction.

However, these methods are not so successful. nulife laser clinic is all set to help for the smoking cessation through its laser quit smoking treatment. The addiction to smoking is said to show similar symptoms as in the case of cocaine and heroin. It has the same psychological dependency as a person shows in the addiction of cocaine and heroin. This is due to the availability of tobacco and its drug nicotine.
The laser quit smoking offered by the nulife laser clinic is the more preferred option than other methods. Generally, the methods which are there to help in smoking addiction are aimed nicotine replacement methods like butt out, cold turkey, weaning off. Well, all such programs use the nicotine to aid in the process. These methods are only known to show 29% result because they are focused only on the physical addiction. The psychological and detoxification process is not touched in these processes. Hence, this makes them less effective.
The other replacement of nicotine like patches, gums, inhalers, and pills are found to be useless. This is because as long as the nicotine is present in the bloodstream, the body craves for it. By reducing the cigarette or using the nicotine replacements, the smoker reaches the chronic level of withdrawal of drugs. As the patient reaches the minimum need for nicotine, the body again starts its craving. In the year 2003, it was found in the study that 6.7 % of the nicotine gum quitters were still the chronic users till six months. This shows that they were addicted to nicotine replacements.