Learn the best tools in the real estate salesperson course

The real estate agent is the person who makes your life much easier when it comes to finding a house, either for rent or for sale. Imagine you have to make the purchase of your life (it really is!) And you do not even know where to start: a thousand procedures, questions, think about the area that suits you best or maybe you have to sacrifice it for space … too many options in sight!

So if you are thinking about entering the real estate business, you will love Navis Living Group’s real estate salesperson course. In NLG we facilitate learning as a real estate agent so you can help others to buy, sell or rent a property anywhere in the world.

Do you want to be a property agents Singapore looking to promote properties in the world? We help you with excellent learning tools to work directly with customers on the one hand (those who want to buy or rent), and on the other, with sellers (whether individuals or real estate offices that are responsible for several properties).

Things have undoubtedly changed when it comes to this business. As you can imagine, the demand is incredible. It is enough to see the constructions of high buildings in the main cities to notice that there are many looking for houses and many others, offering them.

Being a real estate agent trained by us will make you a professional in any property agency. We will give you the tools to work with a company or independently and so you can work more independently. Being a self-employed worker allows you to better manage your time and have the opportunity to develop other activities more easily, as well as giving you flexibility in your schedules, which will allow you to take advantage of your activities to the fullest.

We have a complete training program consisting of 11 modules, in which you will learn to be always ready to provide our clients with timely, efficient and reliable advice. In addition, you will learn how to work with a carefully designed system, clear processes and modern technology with Link Up that will help you to offer consultancies better focused on the needs of each client.