MANA Barmill: The construction company that offers the best answers to the architectural projects

To perceive the transformations that architecture has undergone in the last years is something simple for any observer. Such is the importance of the buildings that the cities are usually known worldwide for some construction in particular and, in fact, have managed to greatly influence their societies.

Companies like MANA Barmill Hamilton have realized this reality and have worked in the development of materials that can increase the construction boom in any city in the world. Currently, high-quality reinforcements are usually part of the specialties of this company that has achieved great recognition worldwide.

At the same time, Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill, recognized today as a leader in the manufacture of steel products is one of the most requested suppliers. Much of its success is due to the fact that the concern for providing the materials, which can offer the best results, is real.

They have developed a system of reinforcements that have laid the foundations of buildings such as the Dancing Towers in Germany, the MoMa Tower located in New York City, the Polish Museum of Silesia, among others. And this has achieved the reputation that the company has.

The most innovative reinforcement systems have allowed the development of important innovations. The concrete has made it possible to build a series of buildings with excellent safety conditions that are much lighter and represent an important saving of money and functional space.

It must be taken into account that this concrete that has been reinforced is very different from the unreinforced concrete since the latter cannot withstand the great weight levels that the concrete that has been treated for this purpose can withstand.
MANA Barmill is constantly developing several alternatives that can meet the needs of the most advanced buildings. The mission is that the designs do not stop because of the lack of adequate materials but that there is a variety that can give a timely response to the most avant-garde architectural projects.

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