Marie Osmond has not all been rosy

Her full name is Olivia Marie Osmond, from Weber County, Utah, was born in a small town called Ogden, the only girl from a large family consisting of her parents Olive Ay and George Virl Osmond and her 8 siblings of whom she is known. That two of them do not have the auditory sense. It is a large family and has developed in the artistic life as a whole and individually, in fact, this wonderful actress and singer made his first presentation when he was only 4 years old in a television program called The Andy Williams show in the piece the Osmond Brothers, in the year 1960.

From there she jumped to 1970 where she continued in the musical trend, and that was the only one along with her two deaf brothers, who did not participate openly with her. In the year 1973, Marie Osmond released her single Paper Roses, which was known because it was previously performed by another artist; additionally he became known throughout the country and also achieved the first place in the prestigious Billboard list, since then he reaped successes and popularity with other topics such as: In My Little Corner of The World, Who feels it now, I’m going to leave everything in your hands, The side of the mountain in the morning, and as well as the song who keeps the account that in 1984 got great praise for their wonderful work and interpretation.

Marie Osmond has also participated as an actress, and on the big screen as a screenwriter, host of a television program along with one of her brothers called The Donny & Marie Show and as if that were not enough she also designs dolls which are very well priced among her followers, following the trend of many other artists published a book where he recounts his biography that for his fortune came to be one of the most popular in the country.

Not everything has been good in her life, one of the most tragic events of her life is the physical disappearance of one of her 8 children by suicide, which devastated her and was the victim of public scrutiny of the media, and because of the strong proven to be, has gone ahead along with her current husband and other relatives.