Oh yeah health removes stretch marks by laser treatment:

Usually, those who suffered from stretch marks they used lotions and creams. Some peoples do use natural remedies to get rid of stretches. But you should consult the doctor before applying any product on the face. Only doctors can determine why times formed on your face or body because every case is not similar. If you have knowledge about this condition, you can apply cream which suits you. To know more about stretch marks you can click on this link http://ohealthyeah.com/stretch-marks/ .

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For old stretches marks mostly people taking laser treatment. Laser treatment is very safe, and there is no effect of this treatment on the body or face. It is a very safe procedure, and you can take laser treatment from dermatologist doctor. A doctor uses the high-energy ultraviolet laser light to crumble the molecules of the affected area. After this treatment the skin becomes red, but the redness will go in a few days as a result new skin started grown.
After using this treatment, the stretches will go permanently. It is possible to get rid of stretches. Before using this treatment, you need to consult the dermatologist. Another thing is that do be an upset that your stretches will never go, through laser treatment you can remove the stretches of your face or body.

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Can be used medicines: to get rid of stretches you have the second option is medicine. You can also take the medicines to get rid of stretches. But before taking any medicine, you should consult the doctor. The doctor will consult you, which medicine is the best for getting rid of stretch marks. To know more about stretch marks you can click on this link ohealthyeah.com/stretch-marks. You can purchase the medicines from online stores and official website. Before purchasing the medicines, you should read all the prescription because it’s a question of your skin.