Perfumes and their Different Types

Since the onset of civilizations, perfumes are considered to be a perfect companion of people who want to add appeal to their personality. Over the centuries this fragrance mix has seen its journey from the classy royal indoors to the cupboard of almost every individual across the world. It has acquired the status of a must-have for everyone, irrespective of place or gender or class. It has also multiple factors that attract a large fan following, which includes the chemistry, fragrance mix, shelf life etc. It is the essentiality of using high quality perfumes that has prompted many world famous brands to endorse them via Hollywood celebrities and other eminent personalities.

Perfumes can be of different types depending upon the concentration in which the aromatic ingredients are mixed. The mix may essentially include ether, water, ethanol, aromatic oils, plant extracts etc. In their making, the perfumes are also added with other solvents like natural wax and oils with zero smell. The end product is classified on various bases including the traditional taxonomy since the beginning of a couple of centuries. While the modern classification includes categories like citrus, bright floral, aquatic etc., the conventional classification may include woody, floral bouquet, leather, amber etc.

Celebrities have a special attachment towards designer perfumes. There are many perfume brands that make signature collection aimed and endorsed by a single celebrity. Sometimes the celebrity net worth is calculated based on the number of endorsements for perfume brands like Versace and Gucci. These designer collections are very costly and only bought by net worth individuals. Most of these are limited edition and may not be available in the open market for people like us to buy it. Celebrities find it as an honor to get endorsed by a premium perfume brand and it will elevate their status.