Stretcher Bars for Canvas Announcement

It has been a few years because we decided to dust off our stretcher bar producing machines and begin producing conventional Stretcher Bars. In this time we fast became a best alternative for UK companies for traditional stretcher bars supply. But it’s with fantastic sorrow, we have to notify you that we’ve opted to prevent our supply of classic stretcher bars and continue to concentrate on our own Wunderbars products.

Stretcher Bars Online is a trading title of Wunderbars Limited. Our Wunderbars merchandise is a wonderful alternative to classic stretcher bars. We’ve determined that our company should keep its focus on creating canvas stretching easier and simpler with Wunderbars and keep on its own production travel together with our spring loaded merchandise rather than aspiring to be a provider of conventional stretchers within an already overcrowdedand aggressive market.

Manufacturing conventional stretchers in the united kingdom isn’t a simple task to undertake. Conventional bars from throughout the world are extremely easy to find and quite cheap to get, so any production price fluctuations in the UK for this particular merchandise needs to be must be taken very carefully and attentively. Unfortunately the requirement in increasing prices for our 18mm and 44mm stretcher bars specifically has come to be a lot to warrant their manufacture to 2017, thus we’ll stop our distribution whenever our inventory holdings haverun out.

We’ll continue to sell our Wunderbars Stretcher Bars across this website and urge you to inquire into the advantages this spring loaded system can provide. We’re also preparing to offer you some other fantastic alternatives to classic stretcher bars. So make sure you check out this website regularly over the coming months.