Fortress Armour UK – Bullet Proof Vests And Body Armour

We are proud at Fortress Armour to be identified as a leading UK designer and manufacturer of top quality body armour, which includestab vest, and uk body armour for the military, law enforcement agents, and civilians all over the world. Our stab vest, and bullet proof vestare manufactured with high grade materials, which include unidirectional high performance hybrids andpolyethylene,woven Aramide, etc.

Our products arehighly protectivewith light weight and can be comfortablyworn under a jacket or shirt or overtly over clothing. Our stab vest, and bullet proof vest defeat all levels of threat as it meets the latest UK body armor standards and are recurrently proved in endorsed international ballistic laboratories.

Fortress Armour offers a wide range of personal protective items which include: Designing and manufacturing of specific and untraditional ballistic systems: We produce a wide range configuration of ballistic vests, which include floatation,overt, covert, VIP,lady’s, military, tactical, and special models.Light demining suit: Our vests are light weight designed.Bullet proof inserts, HAP, ballistic shields, and SAP

Our products combine high ballistic protection together with low weight, advanced quality, and competitive prices and yet ensure multi-threat protection, and commitment to ensuring total customer satisfaction.

UK body armour from Fortress Armour are made with features such as the inclusion of reflective banding and badging,the incorporation of ceramic armour plate pockets and the ability to add equipment pouches. Though, our body armour is available in different standard sizes, yet we specialize in both custom-designed body armour vests and made-to-measure body armour.

At Fortress Armour, we are very proud to have created and supplied body armour vests to majority of journalists, important public-eye reporters, as well as their media teams, enabling them to carry out their tasks securelywith the trust that the body armour vests they are wearing has been manufactured to the highest of standards.
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