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6 Apr

Tips For Intranet Success

One question can actually just summarize intranet success. Do most, or even all, of your workers rely on the intranet system every-single-working day?
In the event the response to that particular question is a resounding YES, congratulations! Carry on! No need to read farther. For all those people who still fight with user adoption and wonder why the old adage “if I build it, they’ll come” isn’t holding water with all the intranet … this post is mainly for you personally.
Many organizations have experienced tremendous success by using their intranet websites, although not many can match the District of North Vancouver (DNV), as well as their intranet District Junction. Constructed Intranet Connections, with all the intranet applications, their intranet to be the #1 place all workers go for corporation info has been cultivated by DNV. Their users not only look at with the intranet daily, they rely on it. These suggestions reveal how this was reached by them widespread adoption of the intranet.
[District of North Vancouver, Rick Pratt, ITS Supervisor]
“At DNV our intranet is the go to place for everything company associated going on a decade. If we take the site down for maintenance or upgrades, our help desk calls are off the charts. The success of our intranet could be credited to a KISS principle with the subsequent 6 uncomplicated getting started rules.”
Rule 1: Buy provides more functionality for less pain than constructing your own intranet and do not construct Buying is less expensive complete.
Rule 2: Do not manage by committee Select two – three tops – staffs that will be responsible for your intranet system and let them guide its development. Ask feedback from many sections but leave the decision making up to the core group (including which intranet software product to buy).