Make quick decisions; use the My Gadget Repairs software for a computer repair store

As a businessman in full enterprise, you are always generating actions that seek to obtain benefits and not losses, but sometimes with the strong movement involved in keeping a business afloat, you lose control of finances, price lists, inventories and client portfolios.

If you live entangled, and you need to make your business clear, we want to offer you a technological model, a system or software in which you only need to use a traditional medium such as computers, mobiles or tablets that are connected to the internet and in communication to be able to transmit information. You will ask how this system works. It is like a kind of service similar to that offered by water companies, where you do not have to invest large sums of money to enjoy their benefits, but you cancel according to the consumption of the service.

This functionality of portal to the client, allows you to access an Internet connection to your preferred computer repair store and request the repair of some of your damaged equipment, or the possibility of acquiring computer repair store software. It allows you to know exactly where to go to find information about the repair of your equipment; this will give you more credibility with your customers because it will improve the relationship and commitment, achieving an interaction no matter where you are. Our platform will help you verify the variety of reports to make quick decisions, regarding the purchase of wholesale gadget parts or the status of any employee or customer, process the data exported from different perspectives. Best of all, we keep your information safe, since the different POS are stored in the cloud, and if it is lost, they steal your mobile device, computer or tablet, you can access all the data from the cloud, being sure and protected with a password. Your employees will have different levels of access to information.

All these fabulous advantages make us the company of the best management software in the cloud, the most preferred by all our subscribers.