An excellent alternative to playing without spending money is with the episode hack

There is a game that offers the possibility of not using money and using your imagination to the fullest, it is called episode hack. By using a wide range of options provided by the coins, you can create custom characters and adapt them to the needs of the player.
In principle, you can play for free, but if you want to get more advantages you can make use of the episode free gems and buy other coins, such as passes. In this way, you will be able to expand your creativity margin, but the only disadvantage is that you will spend up to the last cent you have.

If you choose the other game alternative, you will be able to access your daily gems and pass without limits, although you will have to be a little patient and wait until the entire filling process is completed, in order to use them.
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Here a few tricks will be presented so that the development of the game becomes fun and you do not want to stop the action. With this versatile game, you can make countless stories that suit your desires.
You can enjoy them from any phone device with iOS or Android, to become the center of the game and configure other members as you want. With the use of gems and passes, you will become the protagonist of the story and the hero of the story.
The only problem is that, if you want a spectacular story, you will have to use a lot of gems. To recover them, they can request the game passwords belonging to different players, by visiting the forum.
Once you enter it, what they have to do is have a little patience so that you get the key you need. This step is faster, to wait until the gems are filled. If you want to know more tricks to organize your game story, visit