3 Tips to plan the most memorable birthday party

Birthday parties are a great boost to any child’s self esteem. They feel special. They keep counting the day’s weeks before their birthday. The kids feel like kings and queens on their birthday. A grand memorable birthday party is the best gift to give them. But how to start the planning
Here are some of the ideas to begin the mood of the kid’s birthday party plan

Decide the theme
Learn the favourite of the kid. IT can be a super hero, dinosaur, sports, cars, trains, beaches or even a trip. This helps to decide on the theme. Make invitations, choose the decor colours, and plan the party games and cake along the theme. This enhances the fun of the kids
Guest list
Consult the kids if they are more than 4 years old. This is because he will have his own set of friends. For a preschool kid, one can prepare the guest list themselves.
One can buy the invitation cards from the store or can even prepare personalised cards. Apart from obvious information of place, landmark, date and directions, add some of the instigating information like “Bring your swim suit”. This will kindle the curiosity of the kids and the kids will look forward to the party.
One can also arrange Magic Show For Kids to make the party more entertaining.
Expect the unexpected
The hardest thing to plan in a kid’s birthday party is the unexpected chaos. With kids all over the place, one can never expect or even imagine the chaos that is likely to occur. So one has to be prepared to prevent the fun from getting spoiled
1. Ask a friend or an adult helper to assist. They can help to take a distraught chid keeping the fun alive
2. Buy ban aids, ice packs and enough tissue
3. When the parents are dropping their children, learn about their food allergies and other medical conditions
4. Keep away the pets. Some pets are allergic or scared of kids. There are other kids who love to trouble the pets by pulling their tails or playing dangerously with them. Therefore it is safe to keep them away.