PGP Telefoon- the most secured phone out there

What is PGP Telefoon?
A pgp phone (pgp telefoon) or PGP phone is such a mobile phone which is basically suited to send different important information so that it will never fall into the wrong hands. These devices are there to utilize a special encryption method to not be intercepted by the authorities, police or the other security devices. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy.

More on PGP device
• The device basically looks like a Blackberry set but most of the functions of Blackberry are disabled to enable you to send and receive important messages. You are not allowed to call using this device. Hence, other features or functions like microphone and camera are generally removed. Blackberry PGP is likely to utilizeAES256 encryption of RSA 4096 bits.

• PGP telefoon kopen is likely to contain a kind of global SIM card which is to be used on PGP network. You are not supposed to pay any kind of extra or hidden cost associated with receiving or sending texts on this network. You are even allowed to send amessage internationally without paying anything at all. The license on the Blackberry PGP is generally valid for twelve or six months. Therefore, you can use this mobile phone for a long period of time for your convenience.
Cryptography according to RSA method
PGP phones are considered as the safest to use since it functions with the asymmetric cryptography as per the RSA method. It simply means two kinds of encrypting method are used, one for the encryption and another one for the deciphering. To intercept any message and then read it out, other than OpenPGP program, thepublic key of theowner of thetelephone is also needed.As long as theserver is safe and secure, the information is sent properly and it becomes completely safe and secure from others. Most of the people through use anandroid phone, and as a result there is android pgp too for your convenience.