Data Integration For SaaS Vendors

As Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption has exploded exponentially during the previous couple of years, many customers using hosted programs have begun requesting the SaaSpromo vendors to provide data integration and connectivity features. For various reasons, primarily driven by business needs, customers are looking to securely integrate their information in the SaaS program with their on-premises backend systems and databases.
In recent months companies have ran into an increasing demand for adaptable, quick and simple SaaS integration options from our customers. Mostly these have centered on integration requirements from customers using Net Suite and Salesforce programs but now we see the whole marketplace encounters growing adoption along with other SaaS programs.
We’ve had numerous conversations using several of SaaS vendors that are looking at If they approach this whole problem of integration. It definitely appears to surprise the SaaS companies as they’ve mostly focused on creating the best, feature-rich program they haven’t given much consideration to incorporating the customer information using their internal systems. Here will be the essential components of guidance we offer to these SaaS vendors:
• As with any business problem, approach SaaS Integration a STRATEGY.
• This means have an end goal at heart when it comes to where you intend to be together with your integration abilities and address the immediate customer need in a way (strategy) that places you on course for this end target.
• Address this grows and demands your abilities within an incremental but multi-phased strategy.
• Bring in the pros since Integration is complicated, challenging and demanding. When it comes to possibilities to saaspromo, option of integration services are provided by SaaS seller.