59% claim email marketing influences purchases (source) – true or not?

Shocking to read isn’t it? Well, Amongst various online marketing and digital promotional strategies available, most of the companies have their large stake in email marketing! And people who don’t have are the ones who are not in the listing of top competitors. It is nevertheless one of the highest engaging and personal ways through which a brand can communicate its ideas, about its newest products and services to the clients in an easy breezy way, and this is the reason why 59% claim email marketing influences purchases (source).

Below are a few more details about email marketing and its particular effect on sales!

That the users today have become considerably specific in terms of goods and 59% claim email marketing infuences purchases (source). They significantly undergo every essential detail and then decide the fundamental choice of whether to buy or not to purchase, based on various competitive factors. However, to formulate and create favorable things in their mind about your business, email plays a very valuable function. As per a specific survey was done by professionals, it was noticed that 60% of the folks are influenced by the emails that they receive, open and read while the other 50 percent of people have said that they purchase something or the other after they get to know about it through emails.

And of course, 59% claim email marketing influences purchases (source). All these Figures not only reveal how important email marketing has become for the businesses, but it eventually asks all those individuals who have not attempted email marketing, to have their hands on the same! It was only 1.9% of the whole researched people who view the emails and neglect them.

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