YKK zippers stand out for their quality

The invention of the zippers brought with it an advance in the manufacture of garments and other articles that before their invention required the use of buttons or fixed seams that did not allow quick changes of some pieces by others.

The big clothes and other accessories firms evolved from the invention of the zipper and YKK became a pioneer in this sector when starting the factory in lighter materials and with different zipper finishes that adapted to the advances in fashion and making.

The development and growth of the garment sector have always been linked to the development and evolution of the zipper industry. With each innovation in fashion and footwear, it brings with it an industry proposal for a zipper that could change in size, thickness or style,and the zippers were adapted to become an important part in the growing garment industry.

The company YKK is dedicated to making zippers for the garment industry and among its best-selling models are indivisible zippers, divisible zippers,and blind zippers.

All models that have resulted from the evolution in sewing and fashion, the indivisible zippers are the typical zippers of pants and purses among other products and are those that do not separate at the end of opening, the divisible are those used in garments such as the sweatshirts that allow separating the two sides at the end of the zipper and with a simple device rejoins to make the closure and finally the blind calls that are some very thin zippers that end closing are completely hidden inside the fabric showing just the final. In terms of colors and finishes,YKK zippers have the greatest variety in shades and finishes.

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