Excellent option for you concealed wires in Wall with style and elegance.

For those who prefer luxury, elegance and good taste, and want to see those messy cables well hidden, but cannot find the best system to achieve their wishes, on our website http://www.hidetvwires.com/#OrderDetails you will find all those requirements, we understand your requirements, and we offer you the new Htw-Ckp Hide Tv Wires kit, which includes two double voltage socket boxes, Romex 6 ‘electric cable and many more accessories.

Concealed wires in Wall for many would be a cumbersome task, and decide to pay large amounts of money to contractors or electricians, who use those methods that at first glance are not pleasant and are unsatisfied, here we present this new kit, for hide tv cables getting your budget down, avoiding installing the conduit or placing the cable from a box of panels.
It’s so simple, that anyone can do it, even you. The wall kits are installed in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is take a flathead screwdriver, a pencil, a plaster saw, a small level, multi-purpose knife, special wire removal tools, a protective mask and have the best disposition to start your project. With all your tools in hand, start making two rectangular holes, then install the kit and access the outlet closest to the area where your TV will be placed.
Leave in the past those creative and colorful methods to conceal concealed wires in Wall, but they do not provide the security, the elegance that is customary and make living in the home with your loved ones a pleasant one, with harmonious designs, small details which imply respect for their designs.
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