Tony Robbins the multi talented celebrity

Tony Robbins the popular self help guru has helped many people to successfully triumph over their hard times in life through his inspiring motivational speech. He has inspired millions of people to face tough situation in life with confidence and courage by bringing their perspective towards life to the right track. After registering his name as a successful motivational speaker Tony Robbins with the influence of his success set foot on many industries such as media production, health, business services, education and the list continues.

The journey of Tony Robbins:

Anthony J. Mahavoric is the birth name of Tony Robbins. Born in California the motivational speaker kick started his coaching career with training at NPL (Neuro Linguistic programming). After which he began to assist Jim Rohn in his motivational works. Jim Rohn is a very successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Rohn’s works revolved around helping individuals to use the resources available around them to attain success and happiness in life. This philosophy inspired Tony to architect a path for himself in life.

Then his meeting with Tolly Burkan happened from who he learnt the art of how to firewalk. This was the life changer for the celebrity who used this art as a powerful weapon to convince his followers about the importance of mental power and focus in life, which can help them to achieve anything in life. He soon started to travel to spread his teachings among many people through programs. Later, he also used the assistance of infomercials, books, and TV to spread his teachings to a large set of audience and this helped him to grow his popularity in a larger magnitude.
Though the celebrity has many businesses under his name currently he has set his foot on a different venture, he is the co-founder of the Knowledge Business Blueprint along with successful multi faced celebrity Dean Graziosi.