What are Political cartoons and revolutionary war of these?

Political cartoons are a type of cartoon where you can find the present situation of politics of that country. It is different from normal cartoons because in the political cartoon you can notice a good sense of humor where normal cartoons are created just for fun. Political-cartoons are not for children. You can find these in any newspaper. There are two types of political-cartoons. One is still, and another is video.
The views of political cartoonists

A cartoonist is a person who can draw cartoons for children, but the working principle of political cartoonists is that they can draw cartoons with the help of recent or past political matters or issues or characters. Their creativity is not for children. In their drawing, you can find a great sense of humor.
It can be funny, but they tend to point out good or bad situations of politics of the country. They think that they are a visual journalist rather than an artist. Their thoughts should very proper and should match with politics. They are different from normal cartoonists. They use various kinds of techniques to draw political-cartoons.
Caricatures are very important technique among them. Their main aim is to publish their opinions or questions about politics to normal people. If you are not able to understand the complex political situation, then you should follow political cartoons .
Revolutionary war of political cartoons
You can notice a revolutionary war of political-cartoons in America. In England, this started before, but that was not so effective. After that in America, it became huge. This war was made by Benjamin Franklin. In statesman newspaper of that time, you can found this. The main aim of this war is to reunite colonies. The main villain was an oppressive government of Great Britain. The most famous picture was ‘join or die.’ In this picture, they had shown that a snake divided into two pieces. There were so many political cartoons like this which had criticized the government of that time.