What is a frame for the canvas made of?

A stretcher bar is made of wood mostly and is available all over the world to assist the artists for the creation of his artwork and showpieces that are sold in hundreds of dollars all over the world. These could be of any wood either pinewood, oak, maple, walnut, fiberboard, beech etc. thus these types of woods give different textures. Every single wood has a different strength and quality. UK Stretcher Bars are of the pinewood which itself has its own quality and worth in the wood market all over the globe. These are of great importance and are appreciated because of their strength and efficacy.

The frame is made of the European standards that are the standard size, quality, and type of the wood for a specific frame in the Europe is kept as a standard and the carpenter creates the same. The wood is mostly pinewood that is used by the carpenter to create the Wooden Stretcher Bars. This pinewood that is offered by the company is not a usual or a normal stretcher bar. It is imported directly from the forests of Canada and thus is special Canadian pinewood, which is used by the carpenter to recreate the Canvas Stretcher Frame.

The size of a canvas stretcher bar is of immense importance for an artist, as he has to make sure that the ideas, which he wants to implement on the canvas, must be of the similar size, as he wants. The frames thus range from 6″ to 72″ for the artist to make the portrait that he wants to make and this gives him the advantage to jot down whatever is in his mind or thoughts. The wood used by the company to make the stretcher bar is tested, quality assured and also inspected completely by the testing labs that reject or accept the lots of the pinewoods that are imported by the company.