When is electric dog collar used?

There are varieties of dog collars available such as shock collar, electric dog collar, remote training collar and many more. These are most commonly used in four areas of work:

1. Dog must be kept inside the property: Everytime the dog tries to run beyond the fence line, the dog needs to be corrected.

2. Stop the barking of the dogs: collar has the setting to correct the dog whenever it starts to bark. The more the dog continues to bark, the frequency and level of shock are automatically raised.

3. Stop the unnatural behavior of the dog by training: the most common use of shock collar is for off leash training. Some may use it to solve behavioral issues.

4. Dogs should be trained to be away from dangerous animals and things: dogs are trained in many ways so that it learns to be away from things and animals that are harmful for it.

Is using dog collar a better choice?

It’s always an emotional topic to be dealt with. The discussion about the use of electric dog collar always results in personal attachments n cruelty shown towards the dogs.

How does it work?

The idea is very simple from the psychological point of view. Whenever you want to reduce or change the behavior of the animal; you need to train them about it. How to train dogs? You can go for a positive punishment. Positive punishment simply means putting in something rather than withdrawing.whe a child doesn’t behave properly and the parents shout at him, this is the example of positive punishment. Electric shock collars apply a light shock on dogs neck .the owner has the key to set the intensity of the shock and the duration of the shock. Electric dog collars are usually designed to train dog to stop barking at regular intervals unnecessary.

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