Why people are using PBN as SEO technique?

There is a question that arises in mind of most of the website owners, why people are still using the 21 pbn techniques if they are being restricted by the Google. The answer to this question is simple, when you know how to tackle the cons of the strategy, you can outperform through private blog network service. There are many service providers that are still using the private blog network to get their clients’ website top on the rank in different search engines. The main idea behind this is generating backlinks through easy means. Creating organic back links is a hectic task and it usually takes a lot of time but if you want to beat your competitors in a short time, then you would have to think smarter than them and PBN is the answer. Whatever your website niche is about, you can find a network or that and this would be the best opportunity for you to get at the top. But make sure that the network owner is well versed with using this technique because there are many blunders that could lead to a permanent delisting of your website.

Why you need to constantly update?
Google also knows that people are using grey and black hat strategies to earn money through getting at the top. In order to stop this, it tries hard to update the ways through which the top rankings are determined and in turn SEO expert have to evolve their strategies as well/ PBN is a strategy that works well if you follow some basic rules. In this strategy you make a network of your owned websites to give benefit to your clients. In this strategy, a number of websites are selected and backlinks are produced for one particular money generating unit from among all the websites in the network.