Your Network Is Not Absolutely Secured Against Hacking

Every innovation brings some disadvantage. The nuclear power could fulfil our several needs, but adverse thinkers were thinking of destruction and invented nuclear weapons. The Industrial Revolution created pollution and technology advancement resulted in cybercrime. As internet connectivity increased, the security susceptibilities also increased and cyber criminals exploited susceptibilities. This is a human nature to dig adverse from the benefits. The technology advancement found a defense against cyber criminals to defend their attacks, but the tools became insufficient against consistent attacks.

Common cyber attacks
Malware attack is the most usual hacking through download of softwares, email attachments, and weaknesses in the operating system. Phishing is a method to send spam emails with a link that direct the user to hacker’s fake site. The hackers sometimes run software on their own computer to crack your password by guessing combinations. That’s why it is recommended to use complex password which is not easy to crack. Sometimes, hackers use multiple computers to send data or traffic on user’s computer to overload the system without knowing that computer has been attacked. This is denial of service attack. In most internet banking hacks, a middleman is used to access all transactions between the user as well as the bank. There is attack through drive by downloads wherein a bit of code is downloaded to the user’s system that downloads the program. Cyber-attacks are also made using ad networks.
Risk of hacking in money transactions
Most hackers usually attack on financial sites because their motive is to get rich quick. Middlemen are often used to access transactions between both ends. Bitcoin hack move is easy in being it a digital currency with blockchain password to unlock other Bitcoin users’ address. Western Union Hacker making Western Union hacking easy, So, there is no way to absolute safeguard against hacking, except your knowledge, vigilance, and security softwares to reduce the risks of hacking.